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Cleaner mermaid

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......@@ -16,7 +16,22 @@ docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/data dbeniamine/docker-compose-viz-mermaid -v -p -v
Example image
%%{init: {'theme': 'default'}}%%
flowchart TB
VLabNbook{{$PWD}} x-. /var/www/labnbook .-x front
Vlabnbookdb([labnbook_db]) x-. /etc/mysql/conf.d .-x mariadb
VLabNbookdb{{$PWD/db}} x-. /var/lib/mysql .-x mariadb
front --> mariadb
labnbookmyadmin --> mariadb
P0((8000)) -.-> front
P1((8002)) -. 80 .-> labnbookmyadmin
classDef volumes fill:#fdfae4,stroke:#867a22
class VLabNbook,Vlabnbookdb,VLabNbookdb volumes
classDef ports fill:#f8f8f8,stroke:#ccc
class P0,P1 ports
## Configuration
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